Spiff up your walls by creating a vertical garden with our SACxSAC hanging planters. Thanks to a simple and ingenious system of adjustable straps and clips, the SACxSAC planters can be hung together – in columns one below the other, or in staggered rows to create a chequered plant wall. With a capacity of 10 litres of soil, each planter can hold one plant. Like all our design planters, the SACxSAC planters allow the earth to breathe and the excess water to drain.

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Your very own outdoor green wall with BACSAC® wall hanging planters

For the past few years, vertical gardening has been very trendy, and with good reason: for those who live in the city and only have precious little space available, it’s a wonderful solution. Have you always dreamed of having a vertical garden or living wall? BACSAC® offers the perfect solution to create it yourself. BACSAC® outdoor green wall solution is made up of a series of wall hanging planters (or grow bags) to be filled with soil and in which you can grow all kinds of plants. A clever system of straps and clips attaches as many wall hanging planters as you like together to create custom-size columns and checker-board patterns to use as a base to green up your wall. Thanks to an autonomous hanging structure, you can even use our wall hanging planters to create a green partition wall. Perfect for any type of plant, BACSAC® wall hanging planters are a highly customizable solution to help you grow vegetables, herbs, climbers, flowers and even shrubs. Green up your walls and create a beautiful garden without using up any ground space!

Create your own vertical jungle

Unlike most green walls, which make use of a felt based material, BACSAC® wall hanging planters maintain a connection with the earth. Our skilfully engineered fabric hangers allow you to create beautiful gardens in the most unexpected and unusual spaces, to invite in new perspectives or to conceal an inelegant wall. Our SACBYSAC wall planters instantly create stunning vertical gardens and living walls using their intuitive proprietary strap system to connect multiple pieces and create various shapes. Easy to use, our wall planters are made from a resilient, tear-proof, 100% recyclable fabric designed to withstand temperatures from -30°C to +70°C and shelter your plants’ roots, allowing them to grow perfectly thanks to an optimal balance of air and water. Available in 10 different colours to give you endless decoration possibilities, our durable wall hanging planters are built to last.

Vertical gardens, reimagined for you

Unlike most resin, wood or plastic wall planters, BACSAC®revolutionary fabric provides you with a beautiful structure that is shockproof, tear-proof and abrasion-resistant to withstand all weather conditions. To create your future vertical garden, simply clip one SACBYSAC to another using our easy-to-use strap system and let your imagination guide you to use multiple colours and create new shapes. Crafted in the EU, our wall planters are made from a 3-layers fabric that lets the soil breathe and the water naturally flow out. Use our wall hanging planters to bring outdoor surfaces to life. A poetic outlook on space, BACSAC® brightens up your urban jungle surroundings by adding an uncomplicated touch of nature to your cityscape. Mix and match BACSAC® products to create the perfect hanging gardens to fit your needs. SACBYSAC is available in a Batyline® and a geotextile version, but our tailored solutions also allow you to create a felt-based green wall should you require it. Our grow bags can even be fitted indoors to accommodate all your house plants!

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