Balcony pots

Balcony pots

Thanks to its two adjustable straps and tension loops, this pot can be attached to a window or balcony railing, or to a louvred shutter. With a depth of 23 cm, it enables good root development. The permeable fabric of our pots allows the soil to breathe and excess water to drain away.

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Fill directly with soil to the top paying attention to stretch the fabric, and then plant. Pass the straps around your balcony railing and hang the balcony round pot with the buckles fasteners. 

Its technical multi-layered fabric maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water. Tear strength, abrasion and UV-resistant, the outside Batyline® fabric can withstand extreme temperatures ( -30°C à +70°C). Inside, the geotextile felt layer protects and contains the roots, limits evaporation and distributes water. 100% recyclable, BACSAC® suits all environments. Porous, if you wish to use your BACSAC® inside, be careful with the drip.

With its two adjustable straps and tightening buckles, this pot can be hung on a window railing, balcony, or shutter slat. With a depth of 23 cm, it allows for good root development. The fabric of our pots is permeable, letting the soil breathe and excess water drain away.

Balcony pots : flower up the city!

Our balcony flower pots, which can also be used as balcony planters or hanging pots, are the ideal solution when you have little or limited outdoor space and the only option to bring a bit of nature into your urban environment is to hang your pots high up like traditional window boxes. Thanks to its 2 adjustable 45 cm long fixing straps, practical and secure, it can be hung anywhere. This round flower pot fits perfectly to your balustrade or railing.

Stylish and designed, the BACSAC® balcony flower pot is ideal for a terrace, a veranda, a balcony, a garden. It can be hung on a railing, a fence, a palisade, a shutter, or even on the back of a chair for the more imaginative, and why not on the handlebars of your bicycle for a garden that follows you everywhere? Unlike traditional pots made of terracotta, ceramic, polyethylene plastic, or zinc with their metal structure, the tightening buckles ensure this balcony pot is securely fastened even in strong winds! And as the world of gardening welcomes innovations like the robot lawn mower for large gardens, BACSAC® revolutionizes balcony spaces by offering a modern and practical solution for nature lovers in urban settings.

Easy installation for flexible gardening

Its installation is simple, practical, and thus accessible to everyone, without any special skills required. Light to carry, the planter pot moves as you wish. Don't want to hang it anymore? Simply place it on the ground! You will appreciate the lightness and flexibility of this balcony flower pot which can be easily assembled and disassembled. It folds easily for storage if you no longer need it.

This flower pot offers a 10-liter soil capacity and with its diameter and height of 23 cm, it provides an ideal support for many types of plants. In Batyline® fabric if you like colorful environments or in geotextile fabric if you prefer discreet decor, the BACSAC® balcony flower pot is designed to remain outdoors all year round. The textile composite is resistant to frost, UV, and therefore to bad weather. This container is therefore suitable for all seasons. It does not break and does not fade.

With its black straps, you can see the brand's design signature BACSAC®. Among our selection, you can choose from several colors according to your desires and the ambiance you want to bring to your balcony.

Durable and recyclable, the materials used are manufactured in France and Italy. The BACSAC® pots are crafted in Romania.

Balcony flower pot: a garden within reach!

Lined inside with a hydrophilic geotextile felt that protects the roots, this balcony flower pot allows water and air to circulate naturally for the development of a denser root system than in a traditional container. The porosity has the virtue of making your plants more resistant to frost and drought. Good water drainage is ensured and protects the roots of your plants from possible waterlogging during excessive watering or heavy rains.

This pot is suitable for all types of plants, so do not hesitate to mix flowers and green plants to create a richly diverse and lively greenery ambiance. Vertical or horizontal garden, pair the balcony pot with our window boxes. Grow ornamental plants, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, and even fruits to transform your balcony into a true nourishing garden. Shield yourself from prying eyes by opting for tall plants. Practice environmentally friendly gardening.

Moreover, BACSAC® flower pots for balconies and terraces are machine washable at 30°C, which is very convenient when you want to change plants (to eliminate any potential diseases), but also when you simply want to store them until their next use.

To discover our entire selection and draw some layout ideas, we invite you to consult our catalogue directly from your browser. Each BACSAC® product is designed to bring a touch of nature into your daily urban life.

The BACSAC® balcony pot is an original gift for Christmas, for a birthday for your gardening friends of all ages. Among our various models of balcony pots available at the best price, select the one that suits your desires. Choose the material and colour of your hanging pot and patiently await its delivery after placing your order.

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