Fabric pots

BACSAC® reinvents the classic flowerpot with its geotextile planters.

BACSAC® propose an interesting variety of pots that you can rest on the floor, strap onto any guardrail, for trailing plants. all these round pots exist in all our collections, sizes and colours to create your own little corner of nature in the middle of the city.

Balcony pots

Balcony pots

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Hanging pots

Hanging pots

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Born out of the conjugation of landscape and design, BACSAC® brings together know-how, aesthetics and usability.

Fabric pots for your flowers and plants

Meet BACSAC®: a light, breathable and tear-proof garden pot perfect to easily grow your flowers and plants, wherever you want. Easy to handle, our fabric pots can be used indoors and outdoors while maintaining your plants in the perfect condition to grow naturally. BACSAC®’s geotextile fabric pots completely redefine traditional gardening. Because cities should be a garden for everyone to grow, our range of geotextile round pots are perfect for younger and older gardeners, for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. BACSAC® grow bags know how to blend in and allow nature to express itself. Our fabric pots were designed to be a tool that wraps itself around nature to safely allow it to thrive in the middle of the city. BACSAC® sparks creativity by encouraging us to think up new ways to get around the constraints of urban living and dream of a city where every balcony, every courtyard, every terrace is a space to grow, to let nature in. Cities crave more nature, and BACSAC®’s fabric pots give you the key to be part of this much needed change. 

BACSAC® : your new home gardening companion

In town or elsewhere, BACSAC® helps you grow beautiful, healthier plants and flowers. Our fabric pots and hanging pots use a clever strap system so that you can set up your home garden in a matter of minutes without ever risking breaking anything. Our pots are easy to use and adapted to all levels of gardening experience. We use a premium fabric crafted in Europe that allows your plants and flowers to breathe and lets water and air flow naturally. Perfect to decorate your balcony, rooftop or terrace; our pots are designed to shelter your plants’ roots and withstand frost and UV light. Made from 100% recyclable fabric, they are perfect for your plants. BACSAC® is all about promoting harmonious plant growth in a sustainable environment.

Our range of Batyline® or geotextile BACSAC® pots

All our fabric pots, in their geotextile as well as in their Batyline® versions, have a hydrophilic inner lining designed to protect the roots and absorb and release water. BACSAC® fabric pots respect the natural equilibrium between air, water and soil. Available in various models, 10 different colours and a whole range of sizes, you will always find the perfect pot to suit your needs.

Round pots

BACSAC®’s flagship model! Easy to use, it simply rests on the floor. Thanks to its very sturdy handles, it’s easy to bring nature along wherever you go. Our classic round fabric pots are available in five different sizes and perfect for all kinds of growing needs and many different plants.

Hanging pots

A modern version of the metallic framing, our all-in-one solution allows you to strap each pot directly onto any guardrail, banister or fence. Perfectly positioned thanks to a sturdy strap system, you will never need to fear seeing your fabric pots fall down.

Hanging baskets

Perfect for trailing plants, these very convenient planters come with an adjustable loop that allows them to be hung from just about anything. You can even strap them onto one another to create a wonderfully lush plant column.

Stake pots

Thanks to a clever strap system, these geotextile fabric pots come complete with convenient stakes for all your climbers. Particularly well suited for vegetables such as tomatoes and beans, our stake pots will not disappoint!

Shade pots

Shade pots are an unusual alternative to parasols. They’re a lightweight, convenient system that allows you to hang a sail-like piece of canvas over their top to intimately shade you from the sun rays. Our shade pots use the weight of the soil as a ballast, while of course serving as planters for your climbers.

All our geotextile and Batyline® fabric pots are available to purchase online and at our BACSAC® showroom-boutique in Paris. They can all be customized to meet your exact needs.

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