Herbal tea sets – Fleurs d'Hiver

Herbal tea sets – Fleurs d'Hiver

Dried flowers and medicinal herbs coated in honey, to be infused in hot water for a poetic and comforting experience. Fleurs d'Hiver herbal teas are handcrafted in London (UK) by designer Charlotte Baverel. Find her portrait in our Journal. Box set x4 : Marigold ; Mimosa ; Rose & verbena ; Cornflower & lemon balm Box set x8 : Marigold ; Mimosa ; Rose & verbena ; Cornflower & lemon balm ; Orange & combava ; Pine needles, cranberries, cardamom ; Monarda & lemongrass ; Fig, meadowsweet, rose

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The product is not perishable but requires some attention for its good conservation: Store the product well away from heat (less than 25° C) and away from ambient humidity (either in their airtight sachet in which they are packaged or in an airtight box).

Rose & verbena: Softness, calm and voluptuousness. The rose delicately unfolds its fragrant petals and embraces the freshness of lemon verbena.

Cornflower & lemon balm: The delicate notes of lemon balm will relax you before going to sleep.

Mimosa : Rich and floral, it celebrates honey through its powdery notes of golden straw and almond.

Fig, meadowsweet, rose : Tender and intoxicating, this perfect trio warms the heart.

Christmas infusion: Star fruit, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom seeds, star anise, orange.

Monarda & lemongrass: A plant fireworks with tangy notes.

White fir, cranberries & cardamom: An infusion to curl up near the fire and savor these delicious resinous notes.

Cocoa, orange & chili: A festive and warm mix.

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