Design your own indoor or outdoor hanging larder. Combined with our balcony braces (they are sold separately) and a crate (to be found at the market), this waterproof cover will protect your produce.

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Associated with our balcony braces and a wooden crate, the cap is used to create an outdoor pantry. Supple, ultra-resistant, waterproof and anti-UV treated, it closes by fixing its elastic string around the crate. Hung onto a balustrade or a shutter, the pantry stores and preserves your food out of the rain and sun.

Please note that the balcony straps are sold separately!

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BACSAC®’s DIY Outdoor Food Storage

BACSAC® unfolds its “cape”. Thanks to a clever set of balcony straps, your BACSAC® DIY outdoor food storage solution hangs from your balcony or window ledge for the most user-friendly larder. This soft top contraption slides into your balcony straps and folds out to turn any crate from the farmers’ market into a convenient little weatherproof larder. This easy-to-install cape will protect your precious harvest from the elements.

Our Soft Top Outdoor Food Storage Solution Protects Your Harvest from the Elements

BACSAC®’s soft-top larder is a semi-rigid canvas tarp which attaches to the underside of any crate thanks to a clever system of straps. When pulled over the crate, the cover shields its contents from the elements and ensures your harvest stays fresh. Made from the same material as truck tarpaulins, this heavy-duty cover is a balcony gardening must-have. This UV-treated tarp is also waterproof to protect your fruits and veggies, rain or shine. Use it creatively to store your farmers’ market haul or delicious produce from your own garden beds: it can all be kept cool outside to save you plenty of space!

Outdoor Food Storage Made Easy

Designed to preserve your fruits and veggies, this soft-top larder with balcony straps can provide outdoor storage to keep anything you like on your balcony or terrace. Perfect for those gardening tools you’d rather not leave outside without protection. For city dwellers, any extra outdoor space is well worth utilising. Turn even the tiniest balcony into an additional living area. And if all you have is a windowsill, you can still use our outdoor food storage solution paired with a recycled or upcycled crate.

Several Colours to Match your Style

This convenient “cape” also comes in orange and yellow to bring a little pop of colour into your life! Maximise your space by creating an outdoor larder or a garden shed substitute using several of these adjustable hoods. They will keep all your accessories neat and tidy in style and protect your precious harvest so you don’t have to clutter up your kitchen. This soft top larder is only available upon request, so be sure to get in touch to order yours now. Contact us at [email protected].

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