The city is a garden, let’s plant every nook and cranny

Reconnect with nature thanks to BACSAC®


A planter in brown geotextile felt, cut-to-order in the length of your choice, to sow infinite lines of vegetables, flowers and aromatic plants...


Fabric pots
Fabric pots
Garden beds
Garden beds
Window boxes
Window boxes

Beauty and utility

How to combine function, durability, beauty and plant wellbeing?

We believe nature to be essential to our lives, and all the more so for those of us who live in the city. While bringing together the notions of “nature” and “city” may sound paradoxical, we have made it a reality. Born out of the profound desire to bring nature back into our cities despite their constraints, BACSAC® aims to provide a realistic answer to those who seek greener surroundings.

The adventure started out in 2008, when three neighbors from the Montparnasse area in Paris, France brought together their individual talents to invite a little more nature back into their day-to-day lives. Godefroy de Virieu, designer and Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu, both landscapers have in common a deep awareness of all matters pertaining to urban agriculture.

Our aim in creating BACSAC® was to offer a wide range of products allowing any city dweller to create their own unique garden or vegetable patch. Our various pots, window boxes, garden beds and botanical wall solutions are unlike any other. Incredibly light, some of our grow bags can accommodate several dozen litres of growing medium, which allows them to stand out from the more traditional gardening options. Our grow bags are foldable, easy to move around and sport a minimalistic and modern design available in a variety of colors. Cultivating the earth in the middle of the city is now within the reach of just about anybody, by themselves or as a family, inside their apartment or house, on a terrace or patio, or even in one of the many community gardens now forming here and there.

A beautiful and practical solution to simplify urban gardening

Our innovative concept has established itself as an alternative to the more traditional gardening solutions. BACSAC® pots, window boxes and garden beds are made from an incredibly resilient blend of fabrics and can be used to grow all kinds of plants. Lightweight, space-saving and easy to install, our nomadic solutions blend in with their surroundings and can be fitted anywhere, indoors or outdoors, at home or elsewhere to make nature a part of city life once more.

Our products are versatile pieces of décor that create a true breathing space within the confines of a city by bringing in plant life. So much more than window boxes and garden beds, BACSAC® puts nature at your fingertips and brings together the worlds of design and gardening in the most harmonious way.

Urban living requires new growing solutions as the city is a challenging environment for gardeners. BACSAC® products embodies an aesthetic and functional solution to address these challenges. Simply unfold, fill with your growing medium of choice and watch your plants thrive thanks to our spacious and ultra-portable container bags. Our intrinsic knowledge of design and landscape gardening allowed us to come up with the perfect size for each of our grow bags. Compact enough to be practical, they are also the perfect depth to accommodate enough soil to grow vegetables or large plants. With BACSAC®, urban gardening is no longer a challenge.

Our aim is also to promote social cohesion, and, to that end, our products can play a part in educational projects. We reach out to schools, community gardens and hospitals to help them install vegetable gardens for everyone to enjoy.

Our partnerships open up a lot of perspectives to us as we collaborate with such brands as Vitra and BONPOINT, but also with artists, festivals, public structures or private building owners – as we did for the patio of the Institut du monde arabe ou la cour d’honneur du ministère de l’Ecologie in Paris – spontaneous events in the streets of New-York, Milan, London or Tokyo, etc.

Fabric Pots

Our range includes regular flowerpots for plants and flowers and stake pots for climbing plants. Our containers were created to fit just about anywhere. We offer large pots that are perfect for more comfortably sized areas or hanging baskets for urban outdoor spaces.

Window boxes

Our window boxes may be hung over the side of any terrace or balcony guardrail. BACSAC®’s breathable material allows for the perfect balance between air, water and soil within the window boxes and offers excellent conditions for plants and flowers to grow optimally. As light and flexible as it is resilient, the material is tear, UV and frost resistant. Built to last, our products will retain their properties for up to 5 to 10 years and are available in many sizes and a whole range of colours including grey, red, green, blue, white and more.

Garden Beds

Designed to resist the harsh conditions of year-round outdoor use, BACSAC’s double-walled, reinforced sides are made from canvas and felt, offering the perfect growing conditions for plants, flowers, herbs and even veggies. Available in many different sizes, our garden beds allow you to create cropland right in the middle of any urban environment.


To make sure beginner gardeners have everything they need to get started, we also offer a range of tools to help you care for your plants. Each item is designed with natural elements in mind and focuses on practicality. Yet, our tools are also carefully crafted to be decorative and to help you create a beautiful display around your garden. Check out our Chantepleure watering can – which collects rainwater – or our water cone designed to give your plants the perfect amount of water while you are away.

BACSAC® offers attractive containers that are also incredibly easy to use. Our models are available in two collections:

  • RAINBOW: our eco-friendly collection, made from the offcuts generated while creating our growbags. Repurposed to perfection, this colourful collection is as clever as it is original.
  • HUMUS: BACSAC® spirit in a nutshell, the products from this range aim to emulate the natural world. Simple, minimalistic and eco-friendly, these growbags are a true ode to nature.
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