BALCONY braces

BALCONY braces

This pair of braces can be attached to a window or balcony railing, or to a louvred shutter. Thanks to its reinforced hooks and ajustable straps, you can hang a planter, a wooden crate or even a plank to create a shelf along your railing. A versatile and clever product that adapts to your needs. 

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Data sheet

straps lenght
230 cm
Hook Diameter
6 cm

Extend your balcony: a pair of hooks with adjustable straps, is that easy and simple! You can also use the braces in your kitchen or home.

Registered design

Balcony braces: a pair of window box straps to extend your balcony

BACSAC® balcony braces offer a wide range of possibilities to organize your space indoors and outdoors. Unlike regular flowerpots, which take up a lot of space on the floor, those straps will allow you to go "up", using your walls instead of your floor. Thanks to a sturdy hooking system, these straps can be attached to any guardrail on your balcony, terrace or even your shutters, to hang a crate or a wooden plank and create a lovely hanging garden, or a simple shelving solution for your flowerpots. Only available in black, the BACSAC® flagship colour, these 1.70 m straps are completely adjustable. Extremely resistant, they are UV-treated and will withstand even the worst outdoor conditions for many years. And if you have no means of extending outside, our balcony braces can easily find their place indoors.

Balcony braces: a convenient and clever hanging solution

When you live in a city, you know firsthand that outdoor spaces are precious, and you will discover that using verticality with balcony braces is an easy way to optimize your space to accommodate for a little more nature in your life. Our balcony braces are completely adjustable and allow you to express your creativity to transform your balcony into an incredible urban oasis. They allow you to create a hanging garden that will take up virtually no space at all on the floor. Every room of your house or apartment, no matter how small, can now offer you a touch of nature, with plants and flowers present anywhere. If you combine our balcony braces with our cape system, you can even create a balcony pantry to keep fresh your fruits, vegetables or herbs, and protect them from the sun and the rain.

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