This terracotta shower head can be hung up in your garden, on a tree, for an outdoor shower! It can also be used for watering delicate flowers. 

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10 cm

The brass nozzle adapts to your hosepipe.

Terracotta Sienne natural. Handcrafted in South of France.

Design by Godefroy de Virieu

BACSAC®’s Outdoor Watering Can / Shower Head, made in France

An essential material in BACSAC®’s gardening universe, terracotta meets water to create the most exceptional watering can / shower head

Designed to offer an easy and comfortable grip, this beautiful garden accessory has two functions: it works both as a watering can and shower head. This unique nozzle can be fitted onto any watering hose thanks to its standard brass connector. Hang it overhead to create a makeshift shower or use it to nurture your most delicate flowers.

An eco-friendly watering can nozzle

Don’t hesitate to swap your plastic or metal watering hose attachment for this superb terracotta watering nozzle by BACSAC®. Handcrafted in the south of France, this watering can / shower head contraption creates a fine rain to irrigate your plants as nature intended. Thanks to the filtering properties of clay, your water comes out softer. Good for the earth and wonderful for your skin, this shower head will look and feel enchanting in your garden or on your terrace. Use it to give your plants all the care they need or to treat yourself to a delightful moment of outdoor pampering.

BACSAC®’s watering can / shower head: a more sustainable outdoor shower

BACSAC®’s terracotta watering can / shower head is easy to install. Simply hang it from a hook or a tree in your garden or over your terrace! If you have even the smallest outdoor space at your disposal, it will provide some much-needed coolness to beat the summer heat. Use our BACLONG planters or SACBYSAC wall planters to create a privacy curtain and hang your shower head out of sight. Thanks to a few climbing vines, you get to shower outside anytime the weather allows. There, in your own little private jungle, you can enjoy a moment of pure relaxation away from prying eyes. In winter, be sure to store your terracotta watering can / shower head indoors as a precaution as the frost could cause it to crack. Inside your house, it can become part of your collection of gardening curiosities alongside other items from our Garden Fetish line, for instance. Quirky and elegant, our gardening tools and accessories are designed to be as beautiful as they are practical.

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