A 2-liter packet filled with super powers to enhance the nutritional qualities of the soil contained in your pots and window boxes. Cooked by Les Alchimistes within the Parisian region, this compost is brewed using food and floral waste together with wood shreds, all collected in short circuits. Read their portrait in our journal!

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The Alchemists’ compost is a fertile soil that you can use all year long:

- to repot: dig a hole of the size of the plant rootball, mixing 2/3 of topsoil with 1/3 of compost

- to feed the soil of your pots, window boxes, or small vegetable gardens: add 2 to 3 centimeters, of compost at the base of your plant, the nutrients will then gradually penetrate the soil.

The compost is an organic input, allowing the soil to be fed and revitalized on the long-term. It differentiates itself from soil or loam, which are both cultivating substrates, but also from fertilizers which bring nutrients on a much shorter term. This organic amendment is in compliance with the AFNOR NF U 44-051 norm. Organic matter rate: 51%

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