Urban garden tools & garden accessories

With BACSAC©, take good care of your crops and floral creations using our range of tools and accessories designed to make urban gardening easy. From ollas to compost bags, you’ll find a selection of relevant tools perfect to match our collection of fabric planters, flower pots and garden beds. Create your own little corner of nature or kitchen garden: we have all the garden accessories a gardener might need!

Elegant and functional garden accessories

For city dwellers, terraces, balconies and courtyards lend some much-needed space to a home. BACSAC® has developed a line of functional tools to assist amateur and skilled gardeners alike in maintaining their green oasis. These garden accessories turn into curious house objects! Original and beautiful, they help you pamper your garden in style and offer all the same uses regular gardening tools provide. 

Poetic accessories that make you want to garden

Our range of garden accessories is perfect for those looking for sturdy equipment and who don’t want to compromise between quality, comfort and elegance. We looked all over Europe to find experts capable of handcrafting unique, beautiful and eco-friendly products. 

The water

Whether it is to look after our garden or vegetable patch or for a generous nature, water is a precious resource. We must therefore learn to use it sparingly and sustainably. We drew inspiration from age-old methods which we have adapted to urban gardening to create watering cans, Ollas and shower heads.

Biodiversity and the earth

Because of their small surfaces, urban gardens are easy to weed manually. To make the task easier for you without the need to rely on any chemicals or pesticides, BACSAC® has created garden accessories that are kind to the planet. Check out our Garden Fetish accessories, our balcony compost bags and our beehive to take care of your fabric pots.

Outdoor design

Any outdoor space can benefit from a little greening up! Our modern and modular garden accessories offer a wealth of possibilities to create your very own corner of nature: balcony straps to hang your planters and capes to protect your harvests.

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