Designed to be in direct contact with the soil, BACSAC® is a double-walled planter. The inner layer – which holds and protects the roots – is made from geotextile felt. The canvas outer layer is extremely sturdy, tear-proof, and resists abrasion and temperature variations.


One of BACSAC®’s main technical characteristics is its breathability, which maintains the equilibrium between air, soil, and water, replicating outdoor cultivation as closely as possible. It needs to be porous to allow the dirt and the roots to breathe and to let any excess water flow out. Plants cannot thrive in a waterproof container, without proper drainage or airflow. If you are using BACSAC® indoors, protect your floor by placing it onto a properly sized receptacle.


With a lifespan of 7 to 10 years, BACSAC® is a durable product. It does not break, warp, or fade. The materials are made to withstand prolonged contact with the ground even in the most extreme outdoor conditions, all year round. Our canvas material is recyclable: Send us back your old BACSAC®, we collect and reuse them!



Inside a traditional pot, the roots tend to grow along the side of the container in a spiral, which can create a clump and weaken the plant, particularly when it faces extreme temperatures. In a BACSAC®, the root system is denser, more balanced. When the roots reach the fabric wall, the contact with air stops them from elongating further and the plant develops new roots instead. These look for nutrients throughout the entire surface of the soil, promoting harmonious growth.



BACSAC® can hold a considerable amount of soil, which makes it suitable to grow just about any plant, be it vegetables or ornamental plants. It comes in multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate various configurations in a great diversity of outdoor spaces.


BACSAC® is portable, easy to move around. Since it is so light, it can circumvent possible weight restrictions when set up on a balcony or terrace. This flexible bag holds its shape because of the soil it contains, which means it is not likely to cause any injury and can be used by gardeners of all ages.


Just unfold and fill with soil! You won’t even need any drainage material at the bottom, although you may choose to add a layer of clay beads to hold a little extra water naturally. Your BACSAC® is washable (see our care instructions) and can be folded if you wish to store it away.



All our pots and garden accessories were designed in our Paris workshops. Our fabrics are made in France and in Italy, and our pots are assembled by our historic partner in Romania. As for the garden accessories, our terracotta lines are made in France, and our wrought tools are crafted in the Netherlands.



We reappropriate the geotextile cloth used by vegetable growers and plant nurseries as mulch. Designed to be in constant contact with the earth, it allows the soil to breathe. This material’s characteristics are what gave life to the BACSAC® concept.



Through this collection, BACSAC® invites colour into its universe. This is another reinvention, since Batyline® cloth is typically used in architecture and to create outdoor furniture. These characteristics align with BACSAC®’s standards of quality and durability.



This fabric was born from upcycling the scrap threads left over from weaving our coloured canvas bags. Every year, we gather them up and make horizontal bands out of this scrap material to create a peppy collection of colourful striped pots.



This material deserves its own collection. These pots are made from a simple, raw felt material with a decidedly pared down aesthetic. Mimicking the earth, the material disappears as it blends with its surroundings. This geotextile material is the same as the one used for the inner layer of every BACSAC®, from the geotextile canvas to the Batyline® collection. As the HUMUS collections does not have a protective outer layer, its durability is more limited.

To immerse into BACSAC® garden inspirations, have a leaf through our publications it's over here



The great outdoors and a constant contact with soil will put a significant strain on your BACSAC®. After a while, traces of moss, soil residue, or limescale may appear. Cleaning your BACSAC® couldn’t be easier:

1. Scrape off any deposits from the surface using a knife blade

2. Scrub the stains using a brush soaked in a mixture of water and white vinegar

3. Rinse the fabric thoroughly with clean water

You can also wash your BACSAC® using a high-pressure water jet, which is very effective against moss, but less so against limescale. You may also machine wash your planters (30°C – or 86°F).

One of your BACSAC® is getting too old? Don’t throw it away: we collect them to recycle their canvas. Providing we approve its end-of-life condition, you’ll receive a return form together with a discount on your next order !

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