A planter made from brown geotextile felt, which can be placed on the ground, on a windowsill or hung from a railing using our balcony straps (sold separately). Permeable, it lets the soil breathe and excess water to drain. With no protective outer layer, our Humus felt fabric is suitable for shade and mid-shade exposures. For longer lengths, discover the Linear garden. Find out more about the characteristics of our fabrics: about BACSAC® design

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25 cm
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70 cm
100% recyclable geotextile felt

1 – Unfold your planter 2 – Fold the corners inwards 3 – Insert the hoops into the sheaths 4 – Place the soil in the centre of the planter 5 – Place the elastic bands in the perforated holes and clip on the end-pieces to tighten the sides 6 – Add soil if needed and start planting! 7 – You can place stakes in the sheaths instead of hoops to grow climbing plants.

Registered design – Patent pending. Red Dot Awards 2018 Best of the Best

Turn Your Balcony into A Beautiful Urban Garden with BACSAC® Outdoor Flower Box Solutions

Flower Boxes Are Essential to Creating A Small Corner of Nature in The Heart Of The City

Do you feel like planting annuals to spruce up your balcony? To grow fresh herbs on your windowsill to always have some aromatics within arm’s reach? To protect yourself from prying eyes by planting shrubs or even a tree because there is nothing more beautiful? BACSAC® has an outdoor flower box for you, regardless of the size you want your little paradise to be.

Our Range of Designer Flower Boxes

Original and very easy to install, our balcony pots, green walls and outdoor window box solutions are made from a flexible canvas material which is lightweight and designed to survive the most extreme weather conditions. For outdoor use, our planters can be set down on the floor or hung from a banister or a wall. They are breathable and allow air and water to flow freely so your plants’ roots can grow under the perfect conditions. For a touch of colour, go for the Batyline® collection. If you prefer a more discreet look, opt for the geotextile collection.

Why Use A BACSAC® Designer Flower Box?

Thanks to its skilfully engineered lining, BACSAC® outdoor flower box maintains a perfect equilibrium between air, water and earth. It offers similar growing conditions to cultivating your plants directly in the ground. It is also lightweight, making it very easy to move, and flexible, which allows it to fit just about anywhere. Our outdoor flower box solution is also very durable as you can expect to have it for 10 years.

If you’re looking for designer window boxes, check out our hanging window boxes, our large lightweight planters wall hanging planters

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