This planter hangs from your window, balcony or deck railing, thanks to its adjustable straps and tension loops. With a depth of 40 cm, it allows for better root development than a traditional balcony planter. The 25L and 35L models can also sit on the ground or on a windowsill. The permeable fabric of our planters allows the soil to breathe and the excess of water to drain away. Available in 3 standard lengths, our balcony window box can also be made to measure

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Fill directly with soil paying attention to stretch the fabric and then plant. Pass the straps around your balcony railing and hang the window box with the buckles fasteners. Adjust its opening with the straps (minimum of 10 cm). If you wish to use your BACSAC® inside, protect the floor of humidity with a dish. 100% recyclable, BACSAC® suits all environments.

Its technical multi-layered fabric maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water. Tear strength, abrasion and UV-resistant, the outside fabric can withstand extreme temperatures. Inside, the geotextile felt layer protects and contains the roots, limits evaporation and distributes water. This hanging window box is permeable to let the soil breathe and the excess of water flow out.

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Hanging window boxes: bring nature back into the city

BACSAC® window boxes are an invitation to plant up every balcony. Cities are filled with window boxes hanging over every balcony: they are a part of any urban setting. Sometimes lush and full, often quite barren, window box remains the best solution one can find to grow a tiny garden in the middle of the city. Our hanging window boxes do away with space-related concerns. While most outdoor spaces are rather cramped, our window boxes are a wonderful way to put them to the best use possible! BACSAC® hanging window boxes are an all-in-one solution, unlike the more traditional window boxes that rely on a metal frame. Original and simple to use, BACSAC® planters and window boxes are made from a proprietary type of canvas: a material which is flexible, light and particularly resilient when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Our hanging window boxes can accommodate a large volume of soil which allows your plants to better establish themselves. They are available in three different sizes to fit all kinds of windows: 60, 90 or 120 cm long, BACSAC® hanging window boxes rely on a system of extremely resilient straps to be fitted onto any guardrail, regardless of its particular features. As the width can be adjusted too thanks to another set of straps, you can have your window box match your plants exact needs, all the way down to 10 cm! That way, our window boxes can fit into very narrow spaces and either be hung or sit directly on the ground.

Hanging Window Boxes

Urban gardening shouldn’t be a pain; it should be 100% pleasure. Our hanging window boxes & planters are made from a shockproof, durable fabric that lets the soil breathe and the water naturally flow away: it’s the perfect natural environment that your plants need. Available in 10 colours, our hanging window boxes can be put anywhere from your balcony guardrails to your window ledges. Easy to use, they are the perfect containers to grow plants, flowers and aromatic herbs in all seasons and will last for up to 5 to 10 years.

Urban Gardening Made Way Easier

Do you remember all these complicated, plastic hanging mechanisms that would break two times out of three? It’s over with BACSAC®: our window boxes use a clever and easy-to-use strap system that can fit all guardrail sizes so that you are set in seconds. Crafted in the EU, we use a 100% recyclable, tear-proof fabric that has 3 inner layers designed to preserve the natural balance between the soil, the water and the air. Our material is also UV and frost resistant. Easy to use, you can put your BACSAC® window boxes on the ground or hang them onto any vertical or horizon support: they just fit. Our custom built BacLine model can even be up to 15 m, which allows you to grow a proper little garden even if all you have is a width of 20 cm!

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