Using the weight of the soil as ballast, the BACSAC® Sunshade Pot allows you to hang a light shade sail at its top to protect yourself from the sun on a patio or in a garden. Like all our pots, the Sunshade Pot is permeable to allow the earth to breathe and excess water to drain. Each pot comes with one three-part metal bar to be inserted in the strap’s sheath. The shade sail is not included. 

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Assemble the three parts of the pole, glide it into the sheath and tighten the straps. First ballast your BACSAC® with 10 cm of sand if you can. Then Fill directly with soil to the top paying attention to stretch the fabric and plant.

Climbing plants will be pleased to wrap around the straps and rise above the ground. Its technical double-layered fabric maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water. Tear strength, abrasion and UV-resistant, the outside fabric can withstand extreme temperatures. Inside, a geotextile felt protects the roots, limits evaporation and distributes water. 100% recyclable, BACSAC® suits all environments.

Shade Pot: An outdoor pot for shade plants that will hold up your shade cloth

Shade Pot is our geotextile outdoor pot for shade plants. Thanks to its 75-litre capacity, it is heavy enough to act as a stand for a shade cloth. Hang the fabric from the top of the pole and it will protect you from the hot summer sun while you enjoy spending time on your terrace, balcony, or garden. Since it’s a pot, you can also use it to cultivate climbers that will grow up the pole! Through this Shade Pot, BACSAC® offers a beautiful alternative to cumbersome parasols that take up all your space outdoors and are difficult to store away because of their bulky base.

An outdoor pot for shade plants that uses the weight of the soil

This pot uses a very simple principle and is just as easy to set up. Just insert the metal rod (which comes as 3 elements you will need to assemble) into the pot’s sheath and raise the two straps to tighten the structure. The idea is to fill this outdoor pot for shade plants with dirt, which will provide a counterweight. Don’t hesitate to add a few inches of sand at the bottom of your pot to make the contraption more stable. This extra layer won’t prevent your plants from thriving. You can even create a standalone structure using three or four Shade Pots to hold your triangular, square, or rectangular shade cloth. Alternatively, you can use a single Shade Pot if you already have other anchor points, attached to a wall for instance. Our geotextile Shade Pot also comes in a Batyline® finish so you can select the colour of your choice.

A shade cloth for your BACSAC® Shade Pot

Any large piece of fabric may act as a shade cloth to create a poetic atmosphere. This outdoor pot for shade plants can also accommodate a shade sail purchased separately. Please note that the pot does not come with a shade cloth. However, we can design a bespoke solution for you if you let us know exactly what you are looking for. Head to our custom order page for more information.

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