Drawing from its extraordinary genetic heritage, this book contains a hundred or so organic and reproducible seeds of 9 tomato varieties, for a harvest of nearly 300 kg! Packaged on seeded paper, the seeds are arranged by variety and protected in the folds of the book. It unfolds into a 1.3 meter-long graphic piece by artist Agathe Monnier. Printed and manufactured in Île-de-France. For more information about BACSEEDS, read our article.

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Write the name of the variety on each sheet. Cut a piece of paper around a seed, then simply plant it in the ground and follow the practical advice contained in the book.

– bilingual Fr/En
– 9 varieties of reproductible seeds : Marmande, White Beauty, Green Zebra, Andine Cornue, Black Plum,Osu Blue, Black Crimea, Blush, Cuor di Bue
– 100 reprodicible seeds
– 300 kg of crops
– 1000 copies
– illustrations: Agathe Monnier
– seeds: La Semence Bio®

Available for sale in European Union countries only
Solanum lycopersicum L. standards seeds – EC rules and standards – certified by Ecocert France FR-BIO-01

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