Garden fetish Tools

Garden fetish Tools

Three garden tools taking the shape of funny animals: the stag beetle digs and racks, the mole aerates, the toucan cuts. In carbon steel, making them as light as robust, they are hand-forged by a small family business in Holland.

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Garden Hand Tool Set or Objects of Curiosity?

BACSAC®’s Garden Fetish collection is a garden hand tool set to help you grow your plants whether you are in the heart of the city or in the countryside. The Stag Beetle (Lucane), the Toucan and the Mole (Taupe) assist gardeners in their everyday tasks: planting, raking, clawing, cutting, pruning, aerating the earth. Placed inside your home, these quirky yet elegant gardening tools will become the object of much curiosity.

Working the Earth with the Garden Fetish Line, BACSAC®’s Garden Hand Tool Set

The dual function Stag Beetle (Lucane) is the perfect tool to dig, plant, transplant, claw, rake… With a claw on one end and a sharp spade on the other, it penetrates the ground effortlessly. As part of our garden hand tool set, this Garden Fetish creates a connection between the hand and the earth. With its large mandibles, this forest-dwelling scarab which inspired our design plays a role in the fertility of our soils. Our Toucan’s knifelike beak is just the tool to help you harvest your fruits and veggies, and it can even clear or prune your plants. Keep it on hand all year round! Light as a feather, this sturdy and accurate tool features a sharp bird’s beak to be used as a billhook. Its colourful strap wraps around the handle for an easier, more comfortable grip. The Mole (Taupe) draws inspiration from a mole’s paw. With its steel claws and rounded head, it is pleasant to handle and gives you all the strength necessary to work the ground effortlessly. It forms a fertility ring you can run through your garden beds to aerate the soil and mix the earth to make it ready to welcome your future seedlings. BACSAC®’s Garden Fetish garden hand tool set is crafted by hand in a family-run Dutch forge. These blacksmiths have specialised in gardening tools since 1898 and bring together traditional mastery and new technology to create the most beautiful hand-wrought pieces all while preserving the environment. Designed to be convenient and easy to use, these tools come with a lifetime warranty. They will never leave your side! Browse our curated collection of accessories to discover even more elegant and functional tools that will make you want to garden.

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