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Discover BACSAC® custom made planters, to suit all the lenghts!

Linear garden

A planter in brown geotextile felt, cut-to-order in the length of your choice, to sow infinite lines…. Flexible and light, it adapts to your surroundings and can be easily moved to take multiple shapes and trajectories.



A planter in geotextile or Batyline fabric, cut-to-order in the length of your choice. Equipped with straps, this model can be attached to a window sill or placed on the ground.


Our creative studio

Custom garden landscape design with BACSAC® planters

Since 2008, BACSAC® has been developing flexible, lightweight and durable planters to help you create gardens and little corners of nature anywhere the ground can’t be dug. The city is full of nooks and crannies, roof tops, courtyards tucked away between buildings, balconies and countless other places where nature can find a home… provided we know how to let this diversity work to our advantage. This realisation incited BACSAC® to set up a custom garden landscape design service. Based on the same principle as a regular bag and just as versatile, BACSAC® invites you to express your creativity. You may use one of the models from our collection and customise it to your own dimensions or let us in on your wildest ideas! Whether you are a landscaper, an architect, a specialist or an amateur gardener, BACSAC® is there to listen and to help you design the perfect custom planter.

Creativity and innovation with our garden landscape design

Because every project is unique, BACSAC® offers a custom garden landscape design service to provide a tailored answer to your individual needs. Our aim is to ensure BACSAC® is accessible to everyone, as our chameleon solution is intended to fit just about every context. BACSAC®’s extremely light and flexible properties make it possible to create a garden even in the most inaccessible places. Our expertise can also be beneficial to landscape architects who require bespoke planters to bring a special project to life.

Your own bespoke planter project

Do you wish to start an urban agriculture project or simply to green up a windowsill? We are here to answer all your questions and put our expertise at your disposal. Feel free to get in touch with us by calling us directly (phone: +33 1 42 18 02 44) or fill out our online form to tell us more about your choice of colours and measurements. We will get back to you with an estimate very shortly. Please allow two to four weeks for manufacturing once your order has been placed. Payment is due upon validation of the quote. All our custom planters are available in regular geotextile, Batyline® canvas and Humus felt. Made from a specifically engineered, breathable and fully recyclable textile material, they are extremely durable and very sturdy. Feel free to peruse our selection of geotextile pots, balcony planters and vegetable planters to complete your custom garden landscape design project. You may also like our fabric pots and garden beds: browse our wide range of products, it may help you define your needs!

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