Chantepleure – water can

Chantepleure – water can

BACSAC® finds inspiration in the history of gardens and have re-interprets the chantepleure. Hand-crafted in France, the terracotta chantepleure adopts the natural silhouette of a coloquint. 3 silhouettes and 3 terracotta tints. The medieval ancestor of our watering can, it was used by gardeners ofthe time to carry the rainwater which they had collected. It « sings » when immersed in water to fill.

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To retain the water the upper opening is sealed with a finger. Remove the finger and the water « weeps » via its sprinkler. For a poetic, delicate and efficient watering!

Chantepleure terracotta watering can

Our charming Chantepleure watering can is a poetic and eco-friendly alternative to plastic versions of this gardening essential. Made entirely from clay, this gourd-shaped watering can is punctured with very small holes at the bottom and has a narrow opening at the top. Its name derives from the pleasant whispers the water creates when entering and flowing out of the vessel, which ‘sings’ as you fill it and ‘weeps’ as you empty it. Clever and simple, this terracotta watering can has survived the test of time.  

An object with a story to tell

Water is an ever more precious resource: how can we water our plants more responsibly? In the Middle Ages, gardeners would collect water using this very object. Our Chantepleure watering can invites us to adopt the more conscious and eco-friendly practices gardeners of yesteryear applied naturally. Discover or rediscover an original, age-old watering technique and enjoy the beauty of this terracotta watering can, reimagined by BACSAC®. Hand-crafted by artisans in the south of France, it comes in three colours (Rome Black, Venetian Red and Natural Sienna), each with a distinctive shape. In winter, keep your Chantepleure watering can indoors to prevent freezing temperatures from breaking it.

How to use our Chantepleure watering can?

  Simply immerse your terracotta watering can in a bucket full of water. You may use rainwater – which is excellent for your plants – by installing a rain catchment system outside. Once your Chantepleure is fully immersed, place your thumb over the hole at the top to obstruct it fully and keep the water inside the vessel. Walk over to the plants you wish to water and lift your thumb: the water delicately rains out through the bottom of the watering can. Thanks to this system, the water is always at the right temperature and the flow ideal even for the most fragile plants. Among our other garden accessories are the wonderful terracotta plant waterers – our terracotta sprinklers for underground watering.

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