With its black strap that serves as two handles, the classic round pot is the essential BACSAC® model. Composed of an inner hydrophilic felt, its outer Batyline® fabric protects the soil from UV and frost. Available in five sizes, the classic BACSAC® pot helps your plants grow, from seed to tree. Permeable, it lets the soil breathe and excess water to drain. For indoor use, place a dish under the pot. Find out more about the characteristics of our fabrics: about BACSAC® design

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BACSAC® round pots: convenient and eco-friendly growbags for all your plants

What is the main function of a flowerpot if it isn’t to bring cultivable earth to the places where it can no longer be found? At BACSAC®, we’ve come up with a technically advanced envelope that gives us access to a rich, fertile soil anywhere in the city: a fair and eco-friendly response to the lack of nature in our urban settings. Extremely light and flexible, our round flowerpot does away with the city’s constraints and allows us to reintroduce plant life in our concrete jungles. BACSAC® design is based on functionality above all else. Our round flowerpots use the growing medium they are filled with to hold their shape and allow a real closeness with the earth. BACSAC® philosophy is to observe nature, to feel the cycles of the seasons, to cultivate a deeper relationship with the earth. BACSAC® offers you a different approach to nature within cities. Absolutely classic, our round pots were the first our range ever included and are now the best way to get acquainted with our products. Sustainable and green, they can withstand outdoor conditions for over ten years and the materials they are made from are fully recyclable.

Classic round pots for indoor and outdoor use

Offering simple, lightweight solutions to encourage urban dwellers to become the gardeners of their city is the driving force behind BACSAC®. Those who live in cities want and need more nature in their lives. Designed for outdoor use, our range of round pots may also be used indoors, provided you place a tray underneath to collect the excess water that the porous material our grow bags are made from allows to flow out in order to prevent the roots from rotting. BACSAC® is like having a garden anywhere you don’t have access to the earth, or wherever the quality of the soil doesn’t lend itself to it. Each of our round pots is one small contribution towards the immense, life-filled gardens our cities must become. BACSAC® containers are very easy to use: simply fill your round pot with soil and plant away! Our pots are lined with a hydrophilic felt material that acts as a protective cocoon around the soil and roots. Our flowerpots can accommodate all sorts of plants. Grow flowers on your balcony, herbs on your windowsill, a tree on the terrace… the sky is the limit. With BACSAC®, you simply sow, water, nurture, grow and pick to your heart’s content. You can bring nature along with you wherever you go without any risk of breaking cumbersome clay pots.

Our classic fabric pots

Discover our classic fabric pots made for all home gardening occasions. Use them indoors or outdoors to grow beautiful plants and flowers in the most natural way ever invented. Ranging from 3 to 100 litres, our BACSAC® fabric pots use a multi-layered recyclable fabric that lets the soil breathe and the water flow out. Clever and tearproof, our fabric pots are available in 10 different colours. Thanks to their very resilient handles, you can move your garden effortlessly and bring it along wherever you go.

Classic fabric pots to make your gardening dreams come true

Our classic fabric plant pots use a stylish round shape and are made from a 100% recyclable breathable fabric. Inside, you’ll discover a 3-layer material made to protect your plants’ roots and shelter them from the frost and UV light. Easy to use : you simply need to put the soil and the plant directly into the pot. Looking for new ways to use your BACSAC®? Check out our hanging pots and hanging baskets.

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