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BACSQUARE: the art of cultivating vegetables using grow bags



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Garden beds to help you create own little corner of nature in the middle of the city

Using a centuries-old design inspired by a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, BACSAC® garden beds rely on a premium and tear-proof technical fabric that protects your plants’ roots throughout the seasons instead of the chestnut tree fascine used back then. Our 40 cm high garden beds are perfect to start kitchen gardens and vegetables gardens or to grow aromatic and medicinal herbs in a small space. Our raised and elevated garden beds are available in 10 colours and different sizes to fit all your gardening needs. Thanks to their clever ecological design, they help your plants grow disease-free and repel pests, which ensures a bountiful harvest.

Growing vegetables has never been easier

Meet BACSAC® garden beds: light, abrasion-resistant and UV-proof plant containers that allow you to grow plants, vegetables, flowers and aromatic herbs in the most natural way possible. Using a custom-made 2-layers fabric, our raised and elevated garden beds let the air and water flow naturally so that the essential balance between your soil’s components is always maintained. Our garden beds come with an easy-to-use strap system to delimit different growing areas.  

The art of optimizing space

Available in three different sizes and ten colours, BACSAC® square garden beds can match all your gardening needs. Our models range from a 140 to a 550 litres capacity and allow 4 to 16 growing areas to cultivate all kinds of plants. BACSQUARE is the perfect tool to create trendy square-shaped vegetable gardens or elevated garden beds. Beautifully designed and durable, our BACSQUARE garden beds allow you to harvest your own home-grown veggies year-round without taking up all of your time. They are the ideal solution to grow vegetables in the city, on a balcony, on a terrace and even to add more growing areas to your garden by elevating your beds. Flexible and incredibly easy to put in place, our garden beds are made from a geotextile canvas material or recyclable Batyline®. They are tear, frost and UV-resistant and provide a wonderful solution to educate yourself and others by getting to know and eat delicious home-grown veggies. Designed to accommodate vegetable growing, BACSQUARE is a garden bed which can be used for all your gardening ideas, even if you simply wish to grow flowers or shrubs. Your very own little plot of land to cultivate!

BACSAC® lets the earth breathe

Our garden beds are made from an elaborate textile which allows the earth to breathe. The material respects the complex natural balance that exists between the earth and the air and lets the excess water flow out freely to help root development, which is extremely beneficial to the plants. Take care of the earth by adding natural compost and your generous land will reward you with beautiful harvests.

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