Balcony pots

Balcony pots

Thanks to its two adjustable straps and tension loops, this pot can be attached to a window or balcony railing, or to a louvred shutter. With a depth of 23 cm, it enables good root development. The permeable fabric of our pots allows the soil to breathe and excess water to drain away.

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Fill directly with soil to the top paying attention to stretch the fabric, and then plant. Pass the straps around your balcony railing and hang the balcony round pot with the buckles fasteners. 

Its technical multi-layered fabric maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water. Tear strength, abrasion and UV-resistant, the outside Batyline® fabric can withstand extreme temperatures ( -30°C à +70°C). Inside, the geotextile felt layer protects and contains the roots, limits evaporation and distributes water. 100% recyclable, BACSAC® suits all environments. Porous, if you wish to use your BACSAC® inside, be careful with the drip.

Balcony flower pots to adorn the city with flowers

Our balcony flower pots – also called hanging pots – are the perfect system for those with little outdoor space and whose only solution to bring more nature into their life is to hang their flower pots. Using a clever and adjustable strap system, there is no limit to where you can hang your BACSAC® : banister, fence, shutter or even the back of a chair or – why not – the handlebars of a bicycle for a garden that can follow you wherever you go? Unlike more traditional, metal balcony pots, BACSAC®’s clamping straps ensure your flowerpot is tied up securely to resist even the windiest conditions! Not into hanging your balcony pots? Simply set them down on the floor! Made from highly resilient Batyline® canvas or geotextile, BACSAC® balcony pots can be left outside year-round. Sustainable and recyclable, our materials are made in France. Our BACSAC® flower pots are skilfully crafted in Romania. These pots are suitable for all kinds of plants, so don’t hesitate to use several of them together to create a vertical garden that you can move around to your heart’s content!

Balcony flower pots for a garden always within arm’s reach

Lined with hydrophilic geotextile felt to protect your plants’ roots, these balcony flower pots allow water and air to flow naturally and to contribute to the development of a denser root system than in traditional pots. Thanks to this porous material, your plants become more frost and drought resistant. In addition, BACSAC® terrace and balcony flower pots can be machine-washed at 30°C, which is very convenient whenever you want to use them to repot different plants (to prevent any diseases from spreading) or to clean them before storing away until the next use. Check out our other garden pots such as our round pots or our flower pot plant stakes.

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