• Order

    • Why and how to create an account?

      Your BACSAC® account will allow you to manage your orders, returns, alerts, addresses and others personal information. This information will remain strictly confidential. To create an account, go to « my account ».

    • How to place an order?

      Select the item you want and click on “add to bag”. You can adjust the desired quantity per item in your shopping bag. Once your selection is finalized in your shopping bag, follow the different steps to check out, pay for your goods and arrange delivery. If you don’t have an account with BACSAC®, you will be first requested to fill your personal information. Rest assured they will remain confidential.

    • What happen if I don't check in my order?

      If the items are still in stock, your selection will still appear in your shopping bag on your next visit.

    • I would like to modify or to cancel my order?

      To find a solution, get in touch with our customer service by mail or phone indicating your order number. Your order can only be modified or cancelled if it hasn’t already left our warehouse.

    • How to use my discount code or my voucher?

      Once your order is complete, fill in your code in the dedicated section. The total order will automatically change.

    • My discount code or my voucher does not work?

      Our discount codes and vouchers usually have an expiry date, make sure yours is still valid. If the problem remains, contact our customer service.

    • I didn't receive the confirmation email of my order?

      Check your spams. If you don’t find it, contact our customer service to make sure your order has been registered.

  • Payment

    • Is the online payment secure?

      Yes, your payment is secured thanks to the banking system of our partner INGENICO PAYMENT SERVICES. Your data are encrypted using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and cannot be read in the event someone else intercepts it; they are only managed by INGENICO PAYMENT SERVICES and are not transmitted to BACSAC®.

    • How can I pay?

      You can pay by credit card (VISA, CB, Mastercard) or by PayPal. We don’t accept any other payment.

    • When will my bank account be charged?

      Your bank account will be charged as soon as your order is checked out.

    • Why is my payment rejected?

      If that happens, please contact your banking organism.

  • Delivery

    • Where does BACSAC deliver?

      We deliver worldwide. For a delivery in a country that we don’t cover, get in touch with our customer service so we can find a solution.

    • What is the delivery and pick up options?

      During this particular period, we work with DHL to for delivery in France and worldwide. Select Colissimo and DHL will take care of the delivery of your order. No the moment the Free pick up at BACSAC® showroom in Paris is suspended.

    • What are the delivery fees?

      Our delivery fees are based on real costs charged by Colissimo according to the average weight of your order even if it's DHL that deliver.

    • What are the delivery lead times?

      For orders placed Monday to Thursday, they will be dispatched next day from our depot. For orders placed Friday to Sunday, they be dispatched Monday of the following week. Delivery lead-times are estimated from the day of dispatch of your order:

      • - France: within a maximum of 4 working days
      • - For EU deliveries: within a maximum of 10 working days
      • - For non-EU deliveries: estimated 15 working days.

      However, we decline all responsibility concerning delays since non-EU deliveries are relying on customs and other country's post services. Please note that shipments outside EU may be subject to import charges, which are the responsibility of the purchaser.

    • I wish to change the delivery address after my check out.

      Since you already checked out, contact our customer service by email or phone, indicating your order number and the new delivery address. Your delivery address can only be modified if it hasn’t already left our warehouse.

    • How can I track my parcel?

      Once your parcel is shipped, we send you an email with a tracking number so you can follow the status of your order on www.coliposte.net.

    • My order hasn’t arrived yet.

      If you don’t receive your order past the estimated delivery lead times, contact our customer service by email or phone indicating your order number so we can check on its status.

  • Returns

    • I would like to return an item.

      You can choose between getting a refund on the credit card used to make your purchase or a voucher valid for a year on our e-shop. The value of the refund or voucher is for the amount of the returned article and does not include delivery fees. For a refund, you have a maximum of 14 days after reception of your parcel to return it by post; for a voucher, lead time is 30 days. Return address: BACSAC®, 6 rue des Fossés Saint Jacques 75005, Paris FRANCE

    • p class="accordion-content-title h3">Are returns free?

      Return charges or any custom taxes related to your return are your responsibility.

    • How long before I get a feedback from you with regards to my return?

      Our customer service will contact you by email, within 5 days after we receive your returned order.

  • Products

    • Are BACSAC® models waterproof?

      No, BACSAC® fabrics are permeable allowing water to drain out.

    • Can I install my BACSAC® indoor?

      Yes, but since our models are permeable, we advise you to put a pot plat underneath to protect the floor.

    • Do I need to put a drainage layer at the bottom?

      Your BACSAC® being permeable, a layer of drainage (balls of clay…) is not necessary but may be useful to create a reserve of water.

    • What kind of soil should I use?

      Adapt your soil to your plant, use a horticultural compost or plantation which is light with good capacities of water retention

    • What temperature can a BACSAC® resist?

      Your BACSAC® resists extreme temperatures: up to 70°C to minus 30°C

    • How to clean my BACSAC®?

      A slight maintenance is enough if you do it regularly You may see white or brown stains appear, as well as moss on the handle or in the bottom of your BACSAC®. This can happen for your BACSAC® as it can happen for pots in terracotta. You just need to rub it with a brush, dipped into a mixture of white vinegar diluted in water, until disappearance of the limestone then abundantly rinses with clean water. You can also be cleaned it with a high-pressure water hose, very effective for the foam but less for the limestone. The BACSAC® is also machine-washable in 30 °.

    • Which size should I choose for my plant?

      You need to choose a size that is twice bigger than the size of the root ball.

    • When do I need to repot my plant in a new BACSAC®?

      When you notice the roots are forcing on your BACSAC®, it’s time to get a bigger one!

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