Compost bag

Compost bag

Flexible, lightweight, portable and ultra-resistant: the BACSAC® compost bag is designed for composting in the city or in the countryside, in your garden or on the smallest of balconies. A bag with two openings: one to deposit your organic waste ; the other for collecting the compost. Made from a breathable geotextile fabric, it allows a good ventilation of the organic matter while maintaining humidity – both of which are essential for the life of the micro-organisms and their decomposition work.

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Specific References

  • Place a layer of soil at the bottom of the bag to weigh it down and kick-start the compost.
  • Fill the bag with alternating layers of humid materials and carbon-rich materials.
  • Shake the bag to mix its contents.
  • After each use, close and compress the bag using the straps.The compost will start forming from the bottom.
  • Turn the bag to check on its progress, and once it has reached maturity, use the compost to improve your garden’s soil.

Geotextile balcony compost bags: University of nature

Discover our balcony composters to nourish the soil and help you care for your plants. Made from a geotextile canvas, our compost bags allow you to save dead leaves, wilted flowers and vegetable scraps and turn them into a natural fertilizer for your plants.

Compost bags to better repurpose your waste

As a caring urban gardener, you can help your plants become as beautiful and as resistant as ever by adding compost – which contains all the nutrients essential to their perfect development – to their growing medium. Compost is a beauty elixir for your plants! Add it to your window boxes and garden beds and admire the results. Once nourished with this incredible and fully natural fertilizer, your plant will be stronger than ever. It’s as simple as saving all your organic waste and placing it into the compost bag. Close it up and leave the organic matter to decompose while patiently waiting for it to turn into this precious natural plant food. Our compost bags are faithful to BACSAC® core values: they are flexible, lightweight, easy to move and durable. The breathable geotextile canvas material allows the perfect amount of airflow to promote the presence of micro-organisms that help organic matter decompose faster. Designed to simplify your composting experience, the BACSAC® balcony compost bag is incredibly easy to use. The bag has two openings: one for your organic waste and one to collect the compost when it’s ready. A strap keeps it closed between uses. Finally, a handle in the middle makes it easy to turn the compost periodically. Just let nature do the rest! Our compost bags come in three different sizes to accommodate all your needs. The smallest model contains 20 liters of compost, the medium 40 liters and the large one 80 liters. Designed for urban use, they can of course be used if you live in the countryside too. Choose your model on our website based on how much space is available to you and how much organic waste you produce.

Following nature's example towards more sustainability

Our balcony compost bag naturally fits in with the ethos BACSAC® has been promoting for the past 10 years. It is the very organic link between what the soil gives us (plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers) and what we are able to give back, by making it richer thanks to fully natural compost. With the waste we produce now at the forefront of our preoccupations, composting is an indispensable civic gesture to reduce our waste while maintaining the soil’s fertile qualities. By purchasing one of our compost bags, you subscribe to a useful, economic and ecological solution and contribute to raising awareness regarding environmental matters. Using BACSAC® balcony compost bags is an excellent way to promote the natural cycle. Your flowers and plants will be more robust and healthier, and they will certainly reward you for your natural gardening approach!

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