Meet BACSAC®: a light, breathable and tear-proof garden pot perfect to easily grow your flowers and plants, wherever you want. Easy to handle, our fabric pots can be used indoors and outdoors while maintaining your plants in the perfect condition to grow naturally. BACSAC®’s geotextile fabric pots completely redefine traditional gardening. Because cities should be a garden for everyone to grow, our range of geotextile round pots are perfect for younger and older gardeners, for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. BACSAC® grow bags know how to blend in and allow nature to express itself. Our fabric pots were designed to be a tool that wraps itself around nature to safely allow it to thrive in the middle of the city. BACSAC® sparks creativity by encouraging us to think up new ways to get around the constraints of urban living and dream of a city where every balcony, every courtyard, every terrace is a space to grow, to let nature in. Cities crave more nature, and BACSAC®’s fabric pots give you the key to be part of this much needed change.



Do you feel like planting annuals to spruce up your balcony? To grow fresh herbs on your windowsill to always have some aromatics within arm’s reach? To protect yourself from prying eyes by planting shrubs or even a tree because there is nothing more beautiful? BACSAC® has an outdoor flower box for you, regardless of the size you want your little paradise to be.



Using a centuries-old design inspired by a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, BACSAC® garden beds rely on a premium and tear-proof technical fabric that protects your plants’ roots throughout the seasons instead of the chestnut tree fascine used back then. Our 40 cm high garden beds are perfect to start kitchen gardens and vegetables gardens or to grow aromatic and medicinal herbs in a small space. Our raised and elevated garden beds are available in 10 colours and different sizes to fit all your gardening needs. Thanks to their clever ecological design, they help your plants grow disease-free and repel pests, which ensures a bountiful harvest.

Sur mesure

Custom made

For your wildest envies! Whether you are a landscaper, an architect, a specialist or an amateur gardener, BACSAC® is there to listen and to help you design the perfect custom planter.




With BACSAC©, take good care of your crops and floral creations using our range of tools and accessories designed to make urban gardening easy. From ollas to compost bags, you’ll find a selection of relevant tools perfect to match our collection of fabric planters, flower pots and garden beds. Create your own little corner of nature or kitchen garden: we have all the garden accessories a gardener might need!



Objects inspired by nature that we would have loved to imagine, to create. Objects that we want to share with you for a season...

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