A Watering Solution That Naturally Adapts to Your Plants Needs: Terracotta Plant Waterers


Ollas: An Age-Old Terracotta Plant Waterer to Irrigate

Ollas are the optimum eco-friendly solution to water your plants. This crop irrigation technique has been used in the driest regions on the planet since the dawn of time. Ollas are terracotta plant waterers that one buries near the plants’ roots before filling them with water. Through the porous surface of the container, the water flows out naturally based on the climate and the plants’ requirements. They offer plants a constant supply of water and spaces out watering. Depending on the size, they can last from one to four weeks between refills.


In the Ground or in BACSAC® Planters

Terracotta plant waterers – or Ollas – have long been touted for the incredible benefits they offer plants and the environment. Ollas are well suited to container gardening and provide a sustainable solution for those who don’t have access to a sprinkler system.
Hand-crafted out of entirely natural materials, our terracotta plant waterers can be used in any climate and for any type of plants. Their mechanics are quite simple. When the air and the ground are dry, the Olla releases water. When the air and the ground are moist, the Olla retains water. The self-regulating properties Ollas possess are very beneficial to plants.
Ollas promote rational watering and can reduce the amount of water used by 50% to 75%. Much more sustainable than hand watering or sprinkler systems, Ollas protect plants from undergoing hydric stress or from receiving too much or too little water.
The hats on our terracotta plant waterers prevent evaporation when the weather is hot and regulate water temperature in winter. When the weather is very cold, preserve your Ollas by covering them up using mulch (straw, dead leaves gathered in autumn, etc.).


Terracotta Plant Waterers Made in France

Manufactured by Jamet pottery, founded in 1974, our Ollas are the result of a two-year research process. These garden accessories were developed to be as effective as possible.

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