BACSAC® is a tool that gives anyone access to the earth, a plot of workable land amid the concrete jungle. Through a thousand uses, our product reveals a dimension embodied by those who dream of a city where you can get your hands into the dirt and feel its life-giving potential. Landscape architects, gardeners in the making or seasoned enthusiasts, players in urban agriculture and in social, solidarity-based economy, schools, restaurants, shops… They all make up our ecosystem and they are all connected by one life force: the earth. Here are a few and the faces and projects that have been building urban gardens and contribute to our identity:


« The city, long considered the antithesis of a natural environment, has become a vital part of reclaiming biodiversity.»

Angela Bolis for Le Monde.

Les bien élevées

Founded by four passionate sisters, Bien Elevées specialises in the cultivation of saffron … in the middle of the city. Their very first saffron farm was born in Paris, at the heart of the Arab World Institute, in honour of the plant’s Persian origins. They rely on raised beds as an answer to the buildings’ structural constraints to grow their saffron easily and efficiently


pépins production

Pépins Production conceives neighborhood plant nurseries, combining the sustainable production of young sprouts with the professional rehabilitation of precarious communities. Their youngest project, which flowered at the doors of Paris during the spring of 2021, is René.e: a temporary occupation project of a wasteland, formerly occupied by a gas station, aiming at reviving its soils. Surrounding the greenhouse, edible islets are grown off-ground using BACSAC® pots and raised garden beds, hence allowing to surpass the constraints of a polluted soil.

Take a look at Loubliana’s portrait, cofounder of Pépins Productions, as well as René.e’s story in our journal.


Les alchimistes

Les Alchimistes is a French social enterprise which collects and composts food waste in short circuits, within micro-industrial units. Following an electro-mechanical composting process, the food waste, associated with floral scraps and wood shreds, are brewed and broken down at high heat. Then follows a stage of curing in the open-air to ensure a dry and stable substance. Les Alchimistes’ compost is then sold to individuals and local urban farmers!

Read their portrait in our journal and shop their compost bag in 2L format on our eshop.


emmaüs solidarité

Founded in 1954 by French catholic priest Abbé Pierre, EMMAÜS Solidarités daily welcomes, shelters and supports nearly 5000 persons facing highly precarious situations. Several reintegration schemes are in place to support them in rebuilding their lives; including the Shared Gardens project. Teaming up with the Paris council, this programme trains and employs around 30 persons supported by Emmaüs Solidarité in the rehabilitation and maintenance of green spaces in Paris.

From early 2020, we give back 1€ to Emmaüs Solidarité for each order placed on our e-shop in support of their Shared Gardens programme. In parallel, we pursue the set up of gardens and growing spaces within their shelter facilities located in Paris.


librairie artazart

Nestled on the bank of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, with a flamboyant red storefront clad with greenery, this quirky bookshop is a must see for photographers and book lovers alike. Artazart grows a leafy front store with BACSAC® of all shapes in which blossom mimosa, olive trees, lavender, rosemary...

Following approval of the Paris council, they also set up a made-to-measure BACSAC® planter along the cycling path facing their store. Planted with grasses and wild strawberries, it offers a bucolic parenthesis to all passersby and cyclists.

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