Paname bag

Paname bag

It’s a bag, an everyday bag, an ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-elegant bag that follows you everywhere, in the city and in the garden. A bag made of felt or geotextile fabric, comfortable to carry by hand or on the shoulder. Its four corner zips open side panels that adapt to its contents: flowers, branches, fruits, vegetables...

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BACSAC®’s Paname log bag folds out for an adjustable fit

A handy log bag to make your life easier

This accessory from the BACSAC® collection is a genuine canvas or geotextile felt log bag. This everyday bag will never leave your side. Lightweight and elegant thanks to its sober design, the Paname bag will follow you everywhere in the city and in the countryside. Thanks to its four Éclair® zippers, this BACSAC® bag folds out and can be adjusted to fit its contents. Use it to transport your harvests, your firewood, or your groceries!

The perfect bag for everyday use

A side opening system makes this log bag ideal to carry anything you could think of, from your delicate wildflowers freshly picked from the nearest meadow all the way to your kindling. Thanks to its clever design, your loot is perfectly preserved. BACSAC®’s Paname bag features a very strong, tear proof woven material. This sturdy bag will follow you into the forest to gather kindling, logs, and even large branches. Set it near your fireplace where it will hold your firewood in the most elegant fashion. To get to its contents, open it wide and your entire harvest becomes easy to reach. When fully open, the bag is a breeze to clean and, if you wish to put it away, roll it up so it takes up virtually no space at all. As you may have gathered, the Paname bag will effortlessly replace all these multicoloured plastic bags most of us have the misfortune of accumulating in our homes. This BACSAC® bag will become your most trusty companion for a more sustainable lifestyle!

A convenient bag to wear on your shoulder, on your arm or in your hand

If you need to carry something heavy, why not share the burden with someone else? The Paname log bag has two straps so each person can hold one. Available in XXL for those who are always bringing everything they own everywhere they go, the bag also comes in XS if you would rather just keep a few essentials with you at all times. These two models do not sport the Éclair® zippers on the side.

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