This book contains around 250 seeds of 9 radish varieties. From the little pink radish – a classic, perfect for crunching with salt and butter – to heirloom varieties like the black radish or the Daikon, as well as more surprising varieties like the Red Meat with its fuchsia pink flesh. Packaged on seeded paper, the seeds are arranged by variety and protected in the folds of the book. It unfolds into a 1.3 meter-long graphic piece by artist Agathe Monnier. Printed and manufactured in Île-de-France. For more information about BACSEEDS, read our article.

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Data sheet


Write the name of the variety on each sheet. Cut a piece of paper around a seed, then simply plant it in the ground and follow the practical advice contained in the book.

– illustrations: Agathe Monnier
– closed format: 11 x 17 x 3 cm
– bilingual Fr/En – 500 copies
– ± 250 reproductible seeds (to be sown before 2027)
– 9 varieties : 18-day, raxe, national, china rose, daikon miyachige, noir long poids d’horloge, noir gros rond d’hiver, Blue Automn and Winter, Red Meat

RAPHANUS SATIVUS L. Standard seeds – EC rules and standards – certified by Ecocert France FR-BIO-01

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