It’s a pot. A pot for plants.
A pot for flowers. A pot for herbs.
A light and flexible pot.

It’s a bag, an ultra-light bag,
that follows you everywhere,
in the house, on the terrace,
on the balcony or in the garden.

With its porous fabric,
it allows the soil to breathe and the water to flow through.


The technical specificity of the BACSAC® is its permeability, that maintains the necessary balance among air, soil and water. The BACSAC® presents an innovative double layer : an external fabric which is UV, tear and frost resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures ; and an inner lining of geotextile felt to protect the roots.

The multilayer textile composite of the BACSAC® allows the roots and soil to breathe, bringing it closer to open ground gardening. The BACSAC® fabric regulates moisture as it lets the water slowly drain, while the air passes through. It avoids the recurring problem of overheating, as seen in traditional containers, that can harm both the roots and the microorganisms found in the soil.

In a BACSAC®, the root system is thicker and spreads out. In a traditional container, the roots develop in circles along the side of the pot and form a root tangling, which will lead the roots to choke and will weaken the plant if faced with frost. On the contrary, in a BACSAC®, when a root touches the inner layer of felt and comes in contact with the air, it stops, allowing the plant to form new roots. These multiple roots will then spread out, drawing nutrients and minerals from the whole pot, for a healthier and stronger plant.

With a lifetime between 7 and 10 years, the BACSAC® is a sustainable product. It doesn’t break, doesn’t tear, and doesn’t lose its color. The geotextile fabric and the inner felt are 100% recyclable. They are designed to be in contact with soil and water, and to withstand outdoor conditions. The BACSAC® is a shell that protects the soil and lets you reconnect with nature.

The BACSAC® can ajust to all types of cultivation, plants, trees, fruits or vegetables. It allows gardening anywhere, even in the city, and on any ground, even contaminated soil. It can suit both a very small balcony or a very large rooftop. With its many sizes and shapes, the BACSAC® brings an answer to all the problems and constraints you will face when gardening in the city. With customized solutions, BACSAC® can handle all projects, even the craziest !

You just need to unfold it and fill it with soil ! A layer of clay pebbles is not necessary for the plant to drain well, but can be used a a natural reservoir. The BACSAC® is machine washable (30°) and can be folded for storage. Very light, it can be placed in the most unreachable places. It also can be easily moved if you need it. It can stay outside all year long.



The original launch collection from BACSAC®. Made from the same fabric traditionally used in farms and nurseries as mulching canvas; the material lets the soil breath and keeps it healthy. Technical expertise and design, the BACSAC® signature.


The Colour collection brought a whole new array of colours to the BACSAC® world. Traditionally used in architecture projects and outdoor furnishing, it’s a highly versatile material that has all the qualities associated with BACSAC®.

Recycled FABRIC

A BACSAC® creation, multi-coloured canvas made from leftover coloured threads.This collection is the fruit of the re-cycling of these threads, woven into fine horizontal bands. The assembling of the colours of the weft being random, each RAINBOW is a unique piece which naturally blends into the existing collection.This new collection will have you dreaming of rainbows!

Geotextile Felt

BACSAC® comes back to earth with this collection. HUMUS is an envelope made out of radically technical felt, offering plants all the protection they need. Its vegetal aspect allows it to melt into any background.


Red Dot Award « Best of the Best », 2018
Grand Prix Mon Jardin & Ma Maison, 2018
German Design Award,
Muuz International Awards, 2013
European Consumer Award,
Design of the year,
BO BEDRE Danemark, 2010
Laurier de l’Association des Journalistes de l’Horticulture et du Jardin,
Fond National d’Art Contemporain de l’Etat, 2010
Prix Innovation durable,
salon Jardins Jardin, 2009