BACSAC® is an extraordinary product in its function and its capacity to adapt itself to all the contexts. 
An identity which communicates the environmental values of the city of tomorrow.

Cordoue, Spain

Yokohama, Japan

Hermès, Paris

Urban market chez MERCI, Paris

Exposition Universelle de Milan, Italie

48h de l’agriculture urbaine, Marseille


As a team of two landscapers and a designer, we try to meet the challenges of gardening in the city. We bring both our skills and expertise to the table to assist you, whether you’re a private individual or a professional.
We can support your specific project with our customized solutions.



Urban agriculture has been rooted in the BACSAC® initiative from the start. The pot BACSAC® itself is a tool : an educational tool, with vegetable gardens in schools ; a social bonding tool, with community gardens ; a tool for local production even in the city, with urban farms….

Du potager à l’assiette, Paris

Potager pédagogique dans une école, Paris

Potager d’un restaurant à Barcelone, Espagne

Potager sur le toit de la Cité de l’Architecture, Paris

Ferme urbaine Dakar, Sénégal

Ferme de permaculture, Saint-Jeannet