BACSAC® was founded in 2008 thanks to the meeting of three visionary Parisians. A designer, passionate about nature, Godefroy de Virieu, and two garden design architects deeply involved in the return of nature to the city, Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu.

Together, they searched for an alternative solution to avoid the constraints of creating a roof garden in town : difficulties of transport, excessive weight. How can we make mobile an installation which is often fixed due to its weight and rigidity ? The idea of planting in bags emerged from the desire to change habits and valorize what should be, the plant itself.

They invented an alternative solution to the traditional offerings, a new type of container, supple and light, made from geotextile. The primary concept of BACSAC®, a soil container that provides a space for growing plants. Aesthetic objects simple to use, BACSAC® is the fruit of their common vision and their complementary expertise.

To encourage city dwellers to garden in the city

An active partner in the move to reintroduce nature into the city, a BACSAC® is a plot of land allowing citizens to discover or rediscover the pleasure of having nature at hand. BACSAC®’s aim is to trigger a return to nature, to challenge the frontiers between two worlds, design and the garden.

We are talking about the BACSAC®!