Box set n°2 – Faire la Bees

Box set n°2 – Faire la Bees

Multi-flower honey and 100% pure beeswax candles from Faire la Bees! This box set consists of a 125 gram jar of honey, a pair of straight candles and a pair of twisted candles. Read more about beekeeper Jamie Lozoff in our journal.

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The straight and wavy candles come in pairs, made from the same wick. To separate them, cut the wick in half!

Burning time:

Straight candle: 6 hours

Twisted candle: 2.5 hours

Wavy candle: 3.5 hours

Data sheet

honey jar weight
0,125 kg
straight candle height
approx. 23 cm
twisted candle height
approx. 21 cm
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