BACSAC®’s Indoor Vegetable Garden System Collection

An Indoor Veg Patch to Garden Anywhere

We could never say it too many times: cultivating ones garden is so important! The pleasure urban dwellers can get from connecting with the earth isnt solely accessible to those lucky enough to have a garden, terrace or balcony. BACSAC® indoor vegetable garden systems are an invitation to garden even inside a house or apartment.


Indoor Vegetable Garden Systems to Connect with the Earth Indoors

Designed to create lovely little indoor gardens, BACSAC® indoor vegetable garden systems are entirely waterproof so they can be laid down on just about any surface. The hydrophilic felt which lines the inside drives the water up through capillary action so that, whenever you water your plants, the soil becomes thoroughly moist. As the volume of soil that the containers can accommodate is relatively restricted, be sure to opt for quality and to choose your growing medium based on the plants you wish to grow. Adding a small layer of draining clay beads is quite useful and ensures perfect drainage. Only water when the surface of the growing medium is dry as when grown indoors, plants suffer from excess water more than they do from being too dry!


How to Choose the Perfect Spot for your Indoor Garden?

Whether you set it up in your kitchen, in your sitting room or anywhere inside your house, be sure to choose a location where your plants will have enough space to expand. Indoor plants love light, so somewhere by an east or west-facing window should be perfect.

The Perks of Cultivating an Indoor Garden

Having plants inside a living space is a source of well-being. Seeing them grow is very gratifying and confers a zen atmosphere to the house. Indoor plants also have the ability to make the air cleaner by absorbing and eliminating the various pollutants it may contain. Thanks to BACSAC® indoor vegetable garden system, you can grow herbs, vegetables and edible flowers indoors all year-round.


Green Up your Interior with BACSAC® Indoor Vegetable Garden Systems

Whether you wish to grow cacti, exotic plants, herbs, flowers or vegetables, our indoor vegetable garden systems can accommodate all sorts of growing conditions. Aesthetic and practical, our planters are made from geotextile canvas or Cordura® canvas and our models come in square or rectangular shape. BACSAC® indoor planters come in three different colours: red, chocolate and Majorelle blue to match your style preferences.
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This BACSAC® is perfect to grow your indoor garden!  HOW IT WORKS? Outside, the geotextile fabric is tear and UV-resistant. and easy to clean. Inside, the hydrophilic and capillary felt absorbs and distributes the water to keep a moist...

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